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A wood-fired oven built by a master ovenbuilder and a passion for the authentic flavors and textures of Naples make Picea 997 pizzeria-bar one of Toronto's most exciting neighborhood dining spots.


All our pizzas are available for takeout — Just send a text to 416-804-4290 and we'll have your order ready to go!

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Hours of Service5-10 Tues through Sunday, open until 11 on Thurs, Fri & Sat (closed Mon)

Location Information 997 Dupont Street, in Dovercourt Village
Phone Number For reservations and to speak with us, call 416-538-4897. For take-away, text 416-804-4290

We are here to serve you. If we have disappointed you in any way, we need to know — please email Kris.

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We specialize in authentic Naples-style pizza baked in our wood-fired oven. We also offer a range of antipasti & appetizers, soups, salads, dinner dishes, after-dinner sweets — and of course cocktails, wine, and beer.

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Great pizza begins with a great oven which is why we went straight to Naples for ours, importing 15,000 pounds of materials and even the oven designer himself. Ferrara's ovens grace some of the country's most celebrated pizzerias, including Mario Batali's Eataly (New York), Via Tribunali (Seattle and Portland) and Crostatas (Cleveland), but oftentimes, his customers buy one of his ovens and hire a local builder to install it. Ferrara himself has only built 2 ovens in Canada.


The key to a top-notch pizza oven is the slab on which the pizza sits. Too thin and it'll lose heat. Too thick and it will take too much energy to heat while burning the pizza bottoms. The shape and height of the dome is also crucial. "You don't want a dome that's too high or the heat will escape and float around at the top," At its full height, the oven is nearly 7 feet high, but Ferrara won't reveal the dome's internal height. "Trade secret," he says.


Per Ferrara's instructions, we shipped everything from Naples: the thick slabs for the base of the oven, the bricks, the specialized refractory cement, the Vesuvian sand, the tools. It required seven massive palettes and a huge customs challenge.


Building an oven usually takes Ferrara and his assistant, Vincenzo, seven days from start to finish. He does almost everything by hand: cutting the bricks down to size, carefully placing layer after layer of brick pasted together with cement, packing in Vesuvian soil and earth for insulation. After the building is done, the oven must be dried before usage. Picea 997 had to keep a fire burning in the oven 15 hours a day for 10 straight days. To make sure the oven wasn't damaged, the fire started low and slow, gradually increasing to 900º F. After this initial phase, regular operation began, the first 20 days of which completed the oven's drying process.


We look forward to feeding you soon!

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